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October 15, 2009

Does anyone wear a slip any more?

and I don't mean a slip in lieu of a dress but a slip under a dress or a skirt. I find that the dress or skirt flows better and it clings less to the body (depending on the material). I would actually wear a skirt that was too small or no longer fit me modestly underneath a larger skirt. It added extra material so that when the wind would blow the shape of my legs wouldn't be exposed. It also added a little more weight and volume to my skirt so it would be harder for it to just blow around. For example I would wear the skirt on right underneath the skirt on the left. As long as the skirt on the bottom was smaller and slightly tighter than the one above it.

That is how I would recycle skirts it saved me a lot of money on slips and it kept perfectly good clothing from being trashed for no reason. Target actually has pretty decent prices on slip but I do enjoy knowing I am not contributing (too much) to the landfills.


kakchik said...

Yes, I still wear slip underneath just like the way you do it but I wear the ones that was bought at the stores. I usually bought the one made from satin or stretchy material that is satiny. Sometimes I just wear my bellydance pants as slips because it's comfortable.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@kachik aren't you a naughty niqabi :) MashaAllah.

back on point, I just reuse my old skirts and I am thinking of buying a slip for my maxi dresses.

kakchik said...

Lol... I am naughty too sometimes, hehe.

Actually there is no old skirts in my wardrobe because whenever they get a bit old, I gave them to my younger sister.

You should buy the satin one :D


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