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October 20, 2009

Does Anyone Repair Shoes?

Outside of the USA I have brought shoes to be repaired once or twice to a shoe repair guy. In the USA I have never done it. I always thought about going but as usual I procrastinated and never went. Since the first 7 years of my life were spent in Central America I was raised to believe that a girl needed to have at least 2 people she was very friendly with, a tailor to make her stylish dresses and a shoe maker/repair man. Since shoes are relatively inexpensive at least for women, I just buy a new pair of the shoes I like instead of repairing them. Seeing that I want to reduce my impact on our environment I have been rethinking my choices. The shoe repair shops are slowly disappearing and I need to find a good one before they are gone for good.

Before becoming Muslim I had over 150 pairs of shoes at age 20. Most of the shoes were bought because I liked them, they were good quality and because I wasn't allowed things as a child. So once I had the opportunity I bought as many as I wanted. Some of those shoes have been with me over 10 years now and they are still in good condition (I am 24 :)). For the last 3 years though I have been wearing one pair for the most part and that shoe is actually 5 years old.
The reason I stopped wearing the other shoes is because they make a lot of noise so I wanted to take them to a repair shop so that they could add an extra thin layer underneath that muffles that noise.

I was never a fan of high heels not because they were not pretty but because I value my comfort much more. I still like admiring them and seeing them on other people and I even considered buying some for myself but I recently came across this hadith that has made me rethink
Narrated by Abu Sa’eed Al Khudri, Allah’s Apostle said :"A Jewish women used to put two wooden legs to lengthen her shoes, so that no one could recognise her, for she was very short
I wonder if it is ok for the hubs though? I mean he already knows I am short and therefore I am not deceiving him.
What do you guys think?


ween said...

OMG 150 pairs of shoes at 20? That's a lot!

Er. Btw regarding the hadith;
is it means that we are cheating others about our actual height by wearing high heels? herm (-_-")

I always sent my broken shoes to the repair man if it is still able to be fix :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

yeah I overcompensated and I would buy shoes. Some of them only cost me like $5 brand new and they were good quality (I still used them). I had so many shoes in rotation that they all stay in very good condition plus I take care of them.

Habibti said...

i brought my boots to the shoe repair to fix the sound of the heels. he put soemthing underneath it but it still makes noise. i will have to call him. i cannot walk in high heels anyway. lolllllllllll


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