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October 16, 2009

Buy, Sell or Trade: The Purpose Of HijabSwappers

My initial idea for HijabSwappers was for it to be a trading hub for Muslim sisters to sell their used/new hijabs, abayas and other modest clothing to other sisters. There are two ways you could do that. First you can sell through our forum for FREE. We have different categories like
  1. Hijabs
  2. Hijab Accessories
  3. Niqabs / Burqas / Khimars
  4. Jilbabs / Abayas
  5. Sarees
  6. Salwar Kameez
  7. Skirts
  8. Dresses / Maxi
  9. Sweaters / Hoodies
  10. Formal Wear
  11. Tops / Tunics / Kurta
YOU set the prices that you would like to sell your items for and post them in the forum. If someone is interested in buying it they could either pay you through paypal or negotiate the price and then pay. If you live in other countries you could still sell on HijabSwappers but you MUST indicate the country you live in so that potential buyers know what they are getting into.

The second way to sell your items is via auctions. It is exactly like eBay but with Islamic clothing. The auctions we are still working on and I anticipated I would be ready by mid October but that has been pushed to early November inshaAllah.

The purpose of the blog was to keep you update as I a was launching HijabSwappers and to put halal outfits together. Now the blog's purpose will be to keep you informed of the new developments, articles about hijab, trends and I will still be making outfits inshaallah.

So guys go Sell your stuff!



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