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October 30, 2009

AH, those moments...

I think we all have had these moments when we are dressed all pretty in a loose abaya, dress or skirt and then the wind blows. I personally had a similar event in NYC as I was trying to make my way back from an Al Maghrib seminar. It was embarrassing to say the least but since I was used to wearing a heavier skirt underneath the lighter skirts to give it volume AND I would either wear tights or some other capri pants the passersby who had actually STOPPED to see the moment were very disappointed. alhamdulillah.
My friend with me though was not so lucky but she did manage to save herself by jumping off the air vent and almost on to traffic. She survived alhamdulillah. She is now traumatized and wont go out in NYC with a skirt or dress. Have YOU had a Marilyn Monroe moment? if so where? and if you were able to stop it HOW did you do it?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! That is truly a frightening moment lol I've learned to layer up and make sure my socks match lol May Allah SWT reward you for seeking knowledge and I hope you enjoyed Fiqh of Love:)

NeverEver said...

the wind blows like crazy here during the fall... it's like i'm not even really wearing abaya... i have to hold it out to make it look like i'm not wearing pants :-P

Anonymous said...

my slip on hijab blew up from the back and over my face one windy day at my son's school bus stop - now i use pins if its a windy day - no sense in being embarrassed more than once! :)



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