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October 19, 2009

Culture and Selling/Buying Used Clothes

I was talking to a friend of mine and she mentioned that an obstacle for HijabSwappers is that Muslims don't like buying used clothing. I think it might be a culture thing but I have no problem buying stuff at flea markets or other venues if the clothes are in good condition. I like reusing and re purposing old clothes or recycling them instead of throwing them away. Maybe it is because I LOVE going to garage sales and rummaging through the items in search of the perfect find.

Don't you guys enjoy that? or is it the hippie in me?

Am serious I am about to (inshaAllah) get a camera soon and i will be taking pics of hijabs that I no longer use or abayas that I *ahem* don't fit in anymore. You can also post new things if you like. There is a free for shipping sub forum where you could post items that you would like to give to whoever wants it if they pay postage. Think about all the converts who needstuff when they convert. Why not post your items there?

Is buying used clothes taboo?
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NoortheNinjabi said...

I love swapping out clothes or giving away my stuff that doesn't fit, but I know in Egypt, it's taboo because of bugs. Well, bugs and the whole social climbing/shame subsection. Maybe that's it?

Nikki said...

I'm American and have grown up in hand me downs from my sister, cousins, and even friends. It's, of course, to buy something nice and new for yourself sometimes but I don't find it shameful to get some more use out of a perfectly good article of clothing. Some of the hijabs/tunics I'm planning on posting on your sight, insha'Allah, have been worn only once because they just don't fit or flatter me.

Anonymous said...

I'm American, and hand me downs and gently used clothes are often talked about here! I love a good deal, and I love free stuff, and so do most people I know. I see nothing taboo in second hand items as long as they're in good condition, and not too expensive.


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