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September 14, 2009

Dressing Modestly is easier than Differential Equations

Someone asked how is a Muslim sister going to wear the BCBG dresses and here is how. These sets are for inspiration only as they are expensive.

Dressing modestly and fashionable is simple, here in the USA it is hard finding appropriate clothing so we get creative. If the dress exposes the arms wear a cardigan. If it cuts too deep wear a dickie/dickey (tutorial on how to make a dickie here, sample img on the right). If it has slits you can either wear a dressy trouser or a dressy flowing skirt or if it can't be saved don't wear it at all.

If the "dress" is more of a mini get creative and use it as a top and again if it exposes the arms wear a cardigan. Match it to a skirt or trousers.

These sets ARE expensive but they were made to show you can utilize a short dress and make it in to a long top for yourself. Obviously the ones in the images are a size zero so you would use a size bigger. A plain black skirt would have done just fine.

The pink cardigan has a ruffle to compliment the dress. You would wear the cardigan over the dress and botton the first 3 buttons to cover the neck and collar bone. You could also do a white cardigan.

Now the mini skirt and tube top I have no idea how to hijabify, however, you could still use them as inspirations if you happen to like the colors like I do.

This is my favorite set, the purple love.


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