Hijab News

September 14, 2009


If they weren't so expensive these dresses would be P E R F E C T! These are my favorites so far and I will be making affordable sets inspired by these gorgeous gowns.

Now these are the trends from their catalog and I LOVE the vibrant colors! They look unreal!

These colors are unreal. Just unreal.

Which one is your favorite one?


Anonymous said...

how is muslim sis suppose to wear theze

.::Tuttie::. said...

by using common sense and rules of hijab. If the dress exposes the arms wear a cardigan. If it cuts too deep wear a dickie (tutorial on how to make a dickie here http://www.flyingneedle.ca/flnblog/?p=279). If it has slits you can either wear a dressy trouser or a dressy flowing skirt or if it can't be saved don't wear it at all.

If the "dress" is more of a mini skirt get creative and use it as a top and again if it exposes the arms wear a cardigan. Match it to a skirt or trousers.


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