Hijab News

September 8, 2009

Copper Tones Maxi dress for $11

This maxi dress is available for $11 USD! However, it is only available in Medium at the moment. The cardigan had horizontal pleats across the bodice giving you a dressed up look. It is on sale for $19.99 USD also from sears this is a 50% discount. The hijab is 9.99 from jelbab.com The shoes and purse are out of budget but can be imitated very easily with dark brown flats and a copper tone purse.


Purekrystal said...

I love copper tone,it goes so well with my rose colored skin which turns copper when I tan.And also my turquoise eyes.So I always wear copper or brandy colored eye-make up.The hijab is way cool with that pattern and colors.And the purse I've got to have.


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